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Located in a loving home right off East Mercer Way surrounded by nature and peace.  Easy drop-off and plenty of parking.



The classroom is organized with genuine Montessori materials.  It is a calm space with open areas for the children to work.



I used to be a CPA working in the accounting field for thirty years.  I have three children.  After I had my youngest daughter at over the age of 50, with the enthusiasm of learning the latest early childhood education knowledge, I went to school and got my Washington State ECE Certificate.  I have been working at Bright Horizon and Bellevue College Early Child Education Center for 6 months as a volunteer.


I believe children learn faster in a relaxed and happy environment with love and care.  I like listening to the child, engaging in meaningful interaction with them and supporting children with challenging learning environments that encourage each child’s unique creativity.  I enjoy seeing children learn through play.


Ms Donna Chen

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I started my professional career as a journalist for The People’s Daily (national newspaper of China).  After my first child was born in 2014, I changed my MBA program to Early Childhood Education.  I truly enjoy spending time with children.


I began teaching at a Mercer Island Montessori school in 2016.  I have passion and resources to positively impact children during the most important years of their development.

Ms Yiyi Anderson (Sophia)

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